Men of HR Go Topless for Charity

Earlier this year, Geoff Webb and Bill Boorman of TRU Events asked if I would be willing to participate in a fundraising effort for a charity called Orchid that promotes awareness of male cancer.  I said sure, what's the catch? 

Of course there was a catch.  The idea was to do a calendar depicting male social media personalities from our industry, staffing and HR.  The calendar would be The Men of HR.  And the subjects would be depicted with something covering their their most male of areas, and doing something that was a part of how they do their everyday job. 

The premise is silly.  After all, the "men of HR" aren't necessarily a bunch of models, body builders, or even firefighters that you would expect to see on a calendar.  So the idea is that the photos would be somewhat silly too.

Ummm...okay...  What the heck.  I'm game for almost anything at this stage in my life.  And if it is for a good cause, I'm glad to help.  I wrapped a towel around myself, set the timer on the camera, ran to the wall, turned, scowled, and held my iphone up to my ear.

I sent Geoff the photo sort of hoping he would say he couldn't use it.  Just my luck, it ended up on the cover of the calendar. 

The calendars are available for order at

Congratulations to the TRU Crew for their efforts in helping this good cause.

Cheers, CF